Huawei Tipped to Overtake Samsung; to Launch Foldable Smartphone this November

April 14, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Huawei is likely to clinch the credit that could have gone Samsung’s way. The Chinese manufacturer is said to be preparing for a new smartphone launch that would mark a new milestone in the tech industry.

According to report from Korean publication ET News, Huawei will unleash foldable display technology for the first time in a smartphone as early as November this year. By foldable technology, we do mean the real foldable displays that can be folded while in use.

If this turns true, Huawei will beat major players like Samsung and LG, who has been long linked with foldable display technologies. At the moment, there is barely any chance for the Galaxy X device – the foldable tablet/smartphone from Samsung – to come out before Huawei hits the market with its new device.

The folding technology project is being run by Huawei’s Shanghai R&D CTO, according to the report, which also adds that the company had recently signed an NDA with suppliers in connection to the foldable smartphone.

According to the info available, Huawei’s foldable smartphone will have an inward folding capability, which would resemble to the ones that are being reportedly developed by Samsung. Also, the display will be provided from LG Display as stated before.

Huawei will use the initial phase after launch to familiarize the device with the users so as to garner feedback from them. This will help them incorporate features including custom apps and user interface to the final model. Huawei will also include support for 5G technology in its foldable smartphone by the second half of next year.

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