Android Messages All Prepared to Arrive on Web Platform

April 14, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s array of messaging services has often been confusing. But sometimes, they manage to get the right thing done like having the experience unified for mobile and web platforms. That’s what is happening now with Android Message.

The SMS-based service from Google is ready to be deployed into the web edition following the rollout of Allo for Web. Official acknowledgement isn’t still out, but XDA developers have come out with almost everything we wanted to know.

The latest version of Android Messages also hides in it a setup process for linking the phone to the web service. That all but confirms the presence of Android Message for Web. Additional details are also out, and that includes details about the pairing process.

Android Message pairing would be no different from the pairing of Allo for Web. QR codes can be used to scan from the app to pair your device, following which text messages can be send and read on web browser without picking up the phone. That’s one process that was initiated by WhatsApp, but ever since, it has become a standard for pairing messenger apps across web editions.

XDA also points towards a personal experience that would require users to link their Google account to the app. Additional details regarding the same isn’t available. It could also turn out to be something trivial by the time it comes out.

It’s still unclear when Google will officially unveil the web edition. But now with the process appearing to be complete, it’s time Google get the ball rolling to expand its unified experience of messenger services.

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