Gmail to Refine Web Experience with Addition of Snooze, Smart Reply and Other Features

April 12, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google will shortly revamp the Gmail experience on Web. A notification for the same was sent out to Gsuite administrators recently, following which the testing has now been open for the administrators.

Accordingly, Google will have many of the features from Inbox and Gmail mobile app borrowed for refining the user experience in web. The features barely appear to get changed, but with a multitude of new additions, Gmail web will definitely get smarter in the coming days.

The leaked image of the revamped design that’s being tested confirms the addition of Snooze and Smart Reply features on the web version. Until now, the Snooze feature was confined to Inbox, while the app versions had the capability of pulling out smart replies to your mails.

Google is also shifting the design to make it fall in line with the material design concepts that underline the Inbox design. Google is also taking the ‘add-on’ experience inside the web edition to a new level with support for first-party add-ons across all pages. Currently, access to add-ons including Calendar and Keep is restricted to within mails, while Google will have that made available throughout Gmail through a persistent side bar that can be expanded for detailed viewing.

Along with Gmail, Google will also have the experience improved for all connected apps including Google Calendar and Tasks. Google Calendar was given the facelift recently, while Google Tasks is expected to come out in the new form along with the revamped Gmail, which is expected to be made available for all Gmail users in the near future.

In addition to improving the web experience, Google is also improving the app version by adding support for Google Home smart speakers and improved capabilities for Google Assistant. With the latter, Gmail will be capable of performing tasks like making reservations and assist with Stock preferences.

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