Google is Making Use of Emojis Easier on Desktop with a New Chrome Shortcut

April 10, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Emojis are everywhere, thanks to its ease of access when you type through smartphones. Whether you have them inserted from keyboard pop-ups or by typing, emojis are much easier to access in smartphones. But that’s not exactly the case on desktops.

Emojis doesn’t appear as a built-in feature on browser or on desktops apart from third-party sites that offer pop-up options. This particular absence has limited the use of emojis in conversations carried out through desktops. But Google wants to change it, and that’s by adding an easy shortcut for an emoji panel on Chrome.

Currently, Google is experimenting with a right-click shortcut for emojis in the Canary channel of Chrome. When you type the text in a text-entry box, you will now be provided with a new emoji option when right clicking on the box. By clicking the option, you can access a complete panel of emoji that will offer smartphone-like emojis.

The Emoji option isn’t turned on by default. So if you are using a Canary version, you can activate by heading to the flags menu and searching for the emoji option. You can also enable it by typing the following command directly on the address bar of Chrome: chrome://flags/#enable-emoji-context-menu

The feature is currently available only for the Canary users, but it might not take much time before it start appearing on the Stable channel. Addition of emoji isn’t the biggest overhaul that could have been done. But indeed, with the growing evolution of emoji it has become inevitable, particularly with Apple pushing for emojis dedicated to the disabled.

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