‘Sets’ Multitasking in Windows Get More Browser-Like with Latest Preview

April 6, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Microsoft’s focus on improving the multitasking capabilities in Windows had earlier resulted in the introduction of Sets, a tab-based multitasking program for running various processes. Now, it’s getting further enriched with the arrival of the latest preview for Windows 10.

For those unaware, Sets was introduced in an earlier update to offer browser-like multitasking to Windows users. Processes will get tabbed as multitasking gets facilitated with browser-like features.

With the latest update, Sets has become capable of allowing users perform drag and drop option to combine tabbed app windows into one. With this, tab organization has become easier, though users should keep in mind not to drag and drop the apps on to an Edge tab. The occurrence of the latter would eventually leave your system crashed.

Additionally, switching between the tabs opened in sets has also been made easier with the introduction of Alt + Tab shortcut, similar to one for your browser. The shortcuts can also be altered to combine the keys to make Sets behave as you wish. The settings can be found under the Sets section in Multitasking. Additional options including the ones for closing select tabs and moving to new window have also been made available in the right click pop-up menu.

Along with the update for Sets, Microsoft has also updated a few other features with the Preview like those for Bluetooth and Calculator. By heading to settings, users can now access the battery percentage of the devices that are connected to the Windows via Bluetooth.

The build is from the Redstone 5 branch, which represents the update Microsoft is planning to roll out at a later stage. So only a limited number of testers will able to play with the new feature in Sets as Microsoft hasn’t allowed all its testers to skip the RS4 update, which represents the immediate update for Windows 10.

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