Google Gives a Taste of Its New OS to Users with Web-Based Demo

April 6, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The entire secrecy behind Google’s third OS apart from Android and Chrome OS blew its cover last year when news of Fuchsia emerged. The OS appeared replacing the long-rumored Andromeda project that was believed to be the marriage of Android and Chrome OS. One year since that first revelation, Google has decided to give a sneak peak of the OS to the users.

A demo site of Fuchsia OS is now up and running to give users a taste of what they can expect from the OS in the future. The site, which works both on smartphones and desktops, provides no further insights, but it does give us an idea of the interface that looks completely fresh.

The Fuchsia OS doesn’t seem anything like the union of Android and Chrome OS as the only thing that bridges the OS with the predecessors is the Google factor. Currently, it seems more suited for smartphones with the way things are stacked in the apparent home screen.

The Fuchsia puts Google Search at its centre with the backing of Google Assistant. Below the search tab is a list of bookmarked pages and related pages, which will work on the basis of your search preferences in Google.

Apps are arranged atop the list, with the current list showing space for five apps. Contents are not viewable at the moment. But it certainly appears like Fuchsia is geared up for the influx of additional contents in its home page. At the centre of the screen is a Fuchsia icon, which gives access to the shortcuts including network and other related controls.

Another tweak is the navigational button. Google has replaced the trio of buttons with a single home button that’s placed to the bottom-left corner of the display. That seems apt in the absence of apps and contents, but Google might want to see if that would be enough when loading third-party stuff.

Apparently, Google has built the Fuchsia OS from scratches and it has also skipped the Linux Kernel for an in-house Kernel for Fuchsia.  This has also helped Google in keeping the interface distinct and fresh.

With developers being given more previews of the codes and inside access, we should be able to hear more of the details regarding the OS in the near future.

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