Samsung reportedly Reviving ‘Mini’ Version for Its Flagship Galaxy S Series

April 5, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung was among the first to have introduced ‘lite’ versions of flagship smartphones under the ‘Mini’ label. The lite trend still prevails in the industry, but Samsung has put an end to the ‘Mini’ series way before. To be precise, the last device that was launched in the Mini category was the Galaxy S5 Mini.

None of the succeeding flagship devices in the S series featured a scaled down version, but it now appears that Samsung is having plans to bring back the affordable flagship range.

According to newly emerged reports, Samsung is said to be launching a scaled down version of the S9 that will be launched with the Mini tag.

The device, code-named SM-G8750, was spotted in Geekbench with trimmed down specifications. The device apparently sports the mid-segment Snapdragon 660 SoC with a RAM of 4 GB. Infinity Display is bound to be present on the device, though sans the curves on the sides. We also expect the display not to feature a resolution more than Full HD+.

The thing in question is whether Samsung will have the device rolled out under Mini tag. Going by the specs, the device would fall on an entirely different category, with absolutely nothing bridging the device with the flagship series. However, Samsung would want to make use of the branding to captivate in emerging markets, especially with Google said to be working on an affordable Pixel device in those markets.

However, Samsung also has the A-series running in such markets. The A series was launched as the alternate for flagship, featuring same design but lesser specification. It wouldn’t sound unusual though, as Samsung does have the habit of rolling out more than a bunch of devices with similar specifications, but under different branding.

With concerns still hovering around, what’s confirmed is that Samsung will anyway have a mid-powered device launched apart from the Galaxy A8 (2018) edition this year, whether it be named Galaxy S9 Mini or not.

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