Google’s Updated Access Checker Helps Avoid Duplicate Sharing

April 4, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Drive is getting updated with new features that would help users to easily share Drive files with individuals and organizations. The updated Access Checker will now provide you with more information to easily decide the recipients while sharing a file.

The updated Access Checker can now anticipate who needs access to a file so as to default the sharing to those specific recipients. Access Checker now also shows users the names or email addresses of those who don’t have access to the files.

This should help users in sorting the recipients wisely so that people who already have access to the list could be removed from the recipient list. The feature comes handy in bringing down duplicate sharing of files and other related issues. Files in a Team Drive are also now supported to expand the range of files that can be shared using Drive.

In addition the Access Checker, Google is also updating the way files can be shared to other users. G Suite Admin now gets further control over sharing with the ability to limit file sharing within an organization without link-based sharing. They can also tweak the way files get sent by setting it for both members in an organization and outside. Sharing can be done via a link with no Google account required to access the shared file.

The updates are expected to get rolled out to all G Suite editions over the next couple of weeks, with Google already pushing the features to the rapid release channel. The update follows Google’s rollout of the February update that integrated Hangout hat for G Suite.

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