YouTube is Updating Notifications from Subscribed Channels with a Video Thumbnail

April 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube is testing a slew of new features that are aimed at overhauling the video browsing and viewing experience inside the app. But apparently, apart from those focused on uplifting the video viewing experience, YouTube is also showing keenness on tweaking other areas including notification.

The recent development is with the notification section, especially for those that display the videos from your subscription list. Currently, YouTube pops up a rather dull notification with no other info except for the video title and channel from which it’s uploaded. But that’s being change, with YouTube now testing thumbnail-embedded notifications for subscription videos.

The video thumbnail replaces the channel icon on the right, and to accommodate the bigger thumbnails for video, YouTube has also erased the “New from” caption from the top. The thumbnails are currently available on the compact notifications. Testers haven’t confirmed the presence of thumbnails on expanded notifications, but we are sure YouTube will have that tested in coming alpha/beta versions.

The feature is only being tested among a closed group of users, so don’t get disappointed in case you haven’t started receiving video thumbnail notification for your subscribed channels. It might hit the stable version soon going by the feedback of the users.

Apart from notification changes, YouTube is also testing other features like dynamic video player and dark mode. The former will help the app automatically fit square and vertical videos while viewing. The Dark Mode, which was previously introduced as beta for web version, is now available for web version by default, and is also getting expanded to Android and iOS versions of the app.

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