Notches are Inevitable, but Disguisable; Thanks to Nacho Notch

April 2, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Like it or not, chances are that you might be holding a smartphone with a notch-split status bar within a year, because that’s the way things are shaping up with Android devices. It’s nearly impossible to stop the spread of notches among Android, but luckily, there are a few ways to get it disguised so that your device feels like the one without any notch. Of those, Nacho is the one that’s gaining popularity right now.

Nacho Notch, the app created by XDA-Developers community member, is probably the most convenient way to flush out the notches from an Android screen. We do know it’s impossible to fill in the notch with display, so what Nacho does cleverly is that it blackens out the entire status bar to the right and left to make it feel notch-less.

The solution isn’t perfect, but having left with no other choice, it would seem the best option to get back to the notch-less life with an Android device. The app also plays cleverly by layering the icons above the black mask it creates over the status bar.

In a way, it doesn’t turns off the status bar like Huawei has done in the P20 flagship. So you wouldn’t have to worry about any unused space either.Nacho also plays it clever by hiding the mask when the phone is flipped to landscape mode so as to avoid the blockage of contents.

At present, all the top vendors except a few like Samsung have already started rolling out notch displays, and it’s only going to expand regardless of user opinion. Though there are hopes, as LG is now reportedly seeking user opinion about having notches in smartphones.

We would have to wait to see if the feedback is going to make an impact, but until then, it’s safe to revert to apps like Nacho Notch to turn the blind eye to notches. You can get the app here.


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