Huawei Set to be the First Smartphone to Embrace 512 GB ROM

March 27, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

While display advancements are taking place at pace, storage seems to be an area that has entered a lull. It’s been a while since flagship has stay put with 256 GB storage, while mid-rangers and the rest are still lurking around the 64 GB storage options. But Huawei now appears to be bringing a change to that, as the Chinese manufacturer is now said to be unveiling a massive 512 GB storage smartphone device.

It’s certainly not the first time for which we are hearing about storage of that size in a smartphone. Samsung has already unveiled its 512 GB ROM for smartphones, but it’s just that no vendors including the developers have come forward to put it to use.

The current storage giant was spotted by PhoneRadar on TEENA, the Chinese regulatory agency website. There’s not many info available, but what’s almost confirmed is that the device features a whooping 512 GB of ROM that will come paired with a RAM of 6 GB.

While it’s clear that Huawei will be attempting to squeeze in its massive storage on a flagship, what’s yet not clear is the device on which the current specifications are enlisted. Huawei’s P20 would be a natural selection for introducing the 512GB storage, but given the already circulating rumors, we don’t see a chance for that.

However, Huawei could still manage to launch it under the P20 brand, provided they launch the Porsche edition like in previous years, giving way to a premium device with additional specs and build. That would mean that users will have to pay a hefty tag to have a PC-like storage. Moving ahead, we could have a change in that with devices adding in more and more details in 4K capture.

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