YouTube Testing a Miniplayer to Keep Videos within the Screen When Scrolling

March 26, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube is on the process of overhauling the multi-tasking experience in the web edition to make it on par with the smartphone version of the service. Previous reports have already thrown light at the testing of a picture-in-picture mode in the web version. But it seems like YouTube isn’t just taking the halt with that.

New reports are now suggesting that YouTube is testing a new miniplayer-bar, as called by YouTube in its codes, on the web version that lets users watch the video even when scrolling through comments or related video list. This is similar to how the app immobilizes the video player on top while viewing in portrait mode.

Similar to that, YouTube web browser will lock the video in a small miniplayer-bar that will stay atop the screen even when scrolling down to the bottom of the related video list or comments.

Users will have to compromise the viewing size, as videos get confined to a small space in the left with in the miniplayer-bar. Additional space is utilized to display other info including title, like share and comment options, description etc.

It seems likely that YouTube is testing both miniplayer-bar and picture-in- picture features to decide on one before it comes out to the stable version of the app. However, possibility of Google testing it out as distinct features cannot be ruled out either.

While miniplayer-bar remains confined to a page, picture-on-picture will still let user jump through pages even while sticking on to the video. The app version supports both the features as of now, though picture-in-picture requires a bit more attention.

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