Files Go’s Latest Update Adds Search and Duplicate File Detection Features to the App

March 26, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Despite being coming under the Go branding, Files Go has managed to find space in many Android devices, even the one with heavy resources. But surprisingly, it didn’t offer any means of searching, which is what gets solved now with the latest update of the app.

The Go-tagged file explorer cum sharing cum cleaning app from Google is getting a new update to enrich the in-app search experience. Alongside, Files Go is also making it easier for Android users to zero in on duplicate files for having them deleted.

The search feature works similar to how the parent search works. Instant results pop up when you type along with the ability to auto-complete searches on your behalf. Search histories are also made available in case you want to re-do any particular search. Additionally, users can also make use of the filtering option to screen files among audio, video, images, documents, etc.

The search icon is being put under the Files tab in the app. Files Go also won’t be requiring internet connection to perform the searches as it solely deals with local files in your device.

Additionally, Files Go also lets users easily locate duplicate files before deleting them. To locate, just long press on the thumbnail once the Files Go app suggests duplicate files for removal. The location of the file can be accessed by tapping the ‘i’ icon.

Besides, Files Go also includes the option to delete photos and videos that are backed up in Google Photos so that you get to save a decent chunk of space in your phone. Videos and photos backed up in Google Photos will automatically be detected and shown to the user, prompting them to delete them from the storage.

The update follows the recent integration of Google Drive in Files Go that offered backup support. The new features can be experienced by updating the app from the Play Store. Files Go is compatible on any device running Android 5.0 and above.

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