Facebook Refreshes Group Chat Experience in Messenger with Admin Privileges and More

March 23, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is upgrading the group chat experience on Messenger app with the introduction of a few additional features. Among those are new admin privileges, joinable links, and real-time voice and video chat support within groups.

Following close to the line of other popular messenger apps, Facebook Messenger has added admin privileges that bring a check to the addition of new members to a group. New members won’t be a part of the group unless he or she gets approved by the creator of the group or admin. Only approved members can start conversation in the group with other members.

In addition to that, admins have also been powered with the ability to remove existing members when required. They can also promote or demote a member in the group chat as an admin. By default, admin approval remains turned off in Facebook Messenger, and users will have to turn it on under the group chat settings inside the app.

In addition to admin privileges, Facebook Messenger has also introduced joinable links to let users invite their contacts to group chats. Join links can be created by anyone in the group, and can be shared to their contacts through Messenger or using any other app. People who access the link will be added to the group automatically if approvals are turned off for the particular group. Be that not the case, they will have to wait until the admin approves their entry.

Facebook has also added real-time voice and video chats in groups, limited to 50 people at a time. That’s double the limit of that in Skype. Users will be able to add users within the limit during in-progress voice and video chats without any interruption.

With the new updates, Messenger is also eyeing to surpass its previous year’s record of 2.5 million group creation. The update is being simultaneously rolled out to both the Android and iOS version of the app.

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