YouTube is Making Live Streams Easier through Smartphones and PCs

March 22, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube is certainly the reigning champ when it comes to video hosting. But shift the focus to live video streams, and YouTube would certainly have to be tagged the late bloomer. But a series of developments across the platform is helping YouTube catch up with the rest now, and the most crucial one is with direct integration of camera app in smartphones.

YouTube has now announced that smartphone users can make use of the camera app for streaming videos live through YouTube.  A dedicated live stream feature will be rolled out to the YouTube app on smartphones, starting with the ones from manufacturers like Asus, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung. The feature will be expanded to other devices post the initial stage.

YouTube has previously planted the resources for the feature by rolling out YouTube Mobile Live deep link for developers to have the live stream link integrated with their apps. Recently, they have also made improvements to the live stream experience for both viewers and creators alike.

The arrival of live streaming via app will help video uploaders tune into YouTube for having their videos streamed. It was also equally crucial for YouTube to have the feature introduced, considering the growing developments in relation to video in platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

The livestream wouldn’t be a first though considering YouTube uploads. Manufacturers like Sony and Samsung have let users shoot their stream live through YouTube previously, though an official in-app support for the camera would mean much more now. Additionally, developers can also make use of the Deep Live link to enable in-app streaming via YouTube with just the push of a button.

YouTube has also alongside made improvements to live streaming using webcam in laptops and desktops. Users will no longer have to depend on the encoder and subsequent steps to get the live stream enabled. Live streaming option will now be provided directly in the YouTube header, or users can head to the direct link to start streaming using web-cams. Currently, the feature is available only for users accessing through Chrome browser, but it will soon get expanded to other browsers as well.

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