Microsoft’s Edge Browser Now Available for iPad in Beta Form

March 20, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple iPad users can now rejoice; they can finally lay their hands on Microsoft’s official browser in their big-screened device. After giving out hints about an upcoming launch, Microsoft has pulled out the surprise by launching the Microsoft Edge browser on the iPad.

Edge has however been given only a beta launch, which means that Edge will stay as a beta app on the iPad for the time being. Alongside, Microsoft has also begun updating the iOS app with support for iPad, though it might still take some weeks before it hits the stable version.


The iPad version of the app, as it appears, is a scaled up version of the Edge browser that’s available now for iPhone. As a result, Edge also fails to offer support for the split screen support for iPads that was introduced in iOS 11. That said, Edge won’t be able to share screen space with any of the other apps on your iPad. But hopefully, we are just viewing at the beta version, and things would certainly be changing in the due course.

The interface remains the same, and so do the functions, like having a toggle button for shifting between light and dark themes. Microsoft also hasn’t focused much on sync feature across Apple device, as the only related available now in the browser is the ‘continue on PC’ option. Tab syncing between Apple and Windows devices is yet to hit the app.

Developers interested in previewing the browser can have access right away through TestFlight. As for the remaining users, the iOS version should get updated with iPad support in the coming months.

Edge also got recent updates on iPhone that brought 3D Touch pop and peek ability to the browser. The loading time has also been cut short with the new update. Another addition is the ability to set a region for pages in the New Tab section.

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