Google Duo APK Teardown Hints at Group Video Calling and Screen Sharing

March 20, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Duo has just unleashed the voicemail feature for both Android and iOS. The company has now shifted its attention to the works of new update, v30 which will be arriving shortly for the smartphone platforms.

While v30 is not expected to bring in any big changes, we definitely have some sneak peek of what we can expect from the subsequent updates of the app. Of those, the most prominent appears to be the support for group video calls in Duo.

Google recently revamped the contacts section in Duo with an easy access by a simple swipe from the bottom. In addition to the strings for the same, v30 now includes a couple of more strings as per the APK teardown that’s related to group of contacts.

Needless to say that the feature is being paired with the ability for creating group calls in Duo. Group video calling feature is being enabled by most of the video calling apps available today, and Google doesn’t seem like lagging behind with that respect.

Duo is expected to have a Create Group button along with recently dialed contacts. Once created, the button can be used to get into the group call instantly like starting a one-on-one video call. Additional codes also reveal that the strings are not just for handling contacts, signaling for a more sooner release of group video calling feature in Duo.

Another feature that’s inbound is the screen sharing feature, which has already been spotted many times before in the codes. The release now appears imminent as new strings have added details about display over other apps permission. Besides, Google is also introducing account linking to Duo, but there is no guarantee as of whether it will be available in an immediate update.

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