New Oura Ring Lives up to the Smart Ring Tag, Unlike its Predecessor

March 19, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Oura’s first generation of smart rings was able to deliver the point it desired to make. But that wasn’t enough to woo the buyers, as it essentially failed to take the form of a ring like it was called. That’s now changing, as Oura is now about to release the second generation of its smart rings, which they call it simply the new Oura ring.

Indeed, they have done a decent job in cutting down the sizes of the ring to make it appear and feel like a real ring. But that’s not all what gets improved in the successor, as Oura has also managed to bring in a few good additions to the new entry.

The first and foremost is the jump in battery. The new Oura ring is now capable of delivering life of up to seven days, while it was only around three days’ life on a full charge with the first Oura.

We are not sure if this comes as a result of smaller, customized components that have been put together to make the new Oura. But whatever be the reason, Oura has managed to make a big leap.

In addition to that, Oura has also added new gyroscope that promises to offer better activity tracking. Don’t expect the tiny rings to track like a premium fitness tracker though. Oura just wants you to stay fit by making you better aware of your circadian rhythms and sleep cycle.

The new Oura bundle also features an inductive charging plate to get your ring charged wirelessly. Eighty minutes of rest atop this plate can keep the new Oura running for a week. In addition, there are also a few changes brought around to the companion app that would be working exclusively with the new ring.

Oura is available in three different styles, with prices ranging from $299 to $999. Pre-orders are now open for the new Oura ring, which will get shipped in batches starting from the next month.

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