Facebook Lite is Now Officially Available in Developed Markets

March 19, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook Lite, the trimmed down version of the beefy Facebook app, is now arriving to developed markets. Facebook has revealed that its lighter version of the Facebook app will now be made available on Android devices via Google Play.

Facebook launched the Lite version of the app to woo users in the developing regions, where data connectivity more often proves to be a pain. But that’s not the sole purpose of having a Lite version, as Facebook Lite cuts down data in all aspects, be it the data being sent and received, or be it the data that gets stored to your device. On an average, Facebook Lite weighs nearly one-fifth of the original app on an Android.

Users will have to make some sacrifices if switching over to the Lite version, as the latter misses out on many of the newer features inside Facebook. However, it would still appeal to all the casual users as well as those who prefer a lag-less session when inside their social media world.

Besides, Facebook has also managed to accommodate certain features into the Lite version, like the recently introduced support for Reactions. It also received support for Safety Check last month. So we can expect more such features to start appearing in the long run.

Currently, Facebook Lite is being introduced for United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand. Facebook has said that the expansion would also cover other developing nations, though it hasn’t given out any specific market names.

At present, Facebook Lite is available in over 100 developing markets around the world. Now that Facebook has introduced Lite version in developed markets, it will be certinaly interesting to see if the company holds similar plan for Messenger Lite, which is equally great alternate for the original Messenger app from Facebook.

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