YouTube’s Dark Mode is Coming to iOS and Android Devices

March 16, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google quietly introduced a dark mode to the desktop site of YouTube a year ago. The feature was so well received that Google eventually made the feature openly accessible rather than just hiding it under console commands. Its widespread popularity has also created a demand for the introduction of dark mode in smartphones, and Google is finally paying attention to those demands.

The Dark Mode in YouTube is now being rolled out to smartphone version of the app, starting with iOS this week. This will be followed by its expansion to Android in the coming weeks. To switch to the dark mode, just head to the profile section within the app, where you can find a new Dark Mode option introduced amidst the other options. This is similar to how users can activate the dark mode in the desktop edition of YouTube.

Enabling the mode will darken out the entire background area of YouTube, adding a more cinematic effect to your in-app viewing experience. Additionally, switching to dark mode also throws the focus on video by cutting down the glares from other areas of the screen. Basically, it’s just a color inversion of the white and black shades inside the app, but it does the job of letting users take in the true colors when watching videos.

iOS users can straightaway experience the new mode as Google has already started rolling out the update to the app store. As for Android users, they would have to make a wait as Google is yet to disclose any specific roll out for the introduction of dark mode in Android.

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