Firefox can Now Get Rid of Those Annoying Notification Requests

March 16, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Push notification requests have become a mess in the internet world. Almost every site you bump into now asks for notification access regardless of whether you are a frequent visitor of the site. Until now, users were left with no other option apart from declining the request each and every time. But Firefox has now stepped up to offer some relief to the users.

With version 59 of Mozilla’s desktop browser, users will be provided the ability to turn off the notification request once and for all. It doesn’t end there, as Firefox also lets users block all other request from sites including access to camera and microphone.

The only setback is that blocking will be possible only with sites that uses web standard for pushing notification. In the case of sites that have jumped over to HTML5 overlay for notification request, Firefox will still fail to block them. However, Mozilla has assured that they were working on cracking it out.

To stop receiving the notifications, users will have to manually activate the option from under the settings after upgrading to the latest version of Firefox. The option can be found under Permissions in the Firefox Options menu, where users can block request under the notification settings. Exception can be made for particular websites by adding them in the list under settings.

Excluding the notification blocking feature, v59 of Firefox appears to be a minor upgrade in comparison to the previous releases. Other additions in the new version include faster graphics rendering in Mac, Home page updates, support for addition of annotations to screenshots, and improved support for pen and touch screen pointer input. Firefox has also made tracking a bit more complex by removing path information from referrers when surfing in Private Browsing Mode.

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