Snapchat Lens Collection will Soon Feature Third-Party AR Filters

March 15, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat’s filter carousel was until now limited to contents from advertisers. But that’s about to change, as Snapchat is prepping up to include filters from third-party developers soon to its home page.

Snapchat has introduced various overhauls off-late, particularly since the arrival of Instagram Stories, to woo users and content creators equally. They have recently introduced in-app analytics to offer better insights to verified users, which was followed by the introduction of Lens Studio for artists to play around with new world filters, i.e. filters applicable on rear-cam images and videos.

Now, using the same Lens Studio, Snapchat will have its filter carousel expanded. A pick of top filters from Lens Studio will be featured in the first-party carousel that’s available on the home page of the app. This will be in addition to the first-party filters made available by Snapchat.

Snapchat’s third-party inclusion won’t have any money deal involved, which means that users won’t be receiving payments for having their filters uploaded and neither will they be branded. Yet, Snapchat will be giving the due credits by including creator’s name along with the filters made available. This should boost the involvement of creators and artists within Lens Studio.

At present, over 30,000 submissions have been made in Lens Studio, accounting to an overall reach of over one billion. The latter has been achieved solely with the help of peer-to-peer sharing of the filters, and with those getting ready to hit the first-party carousel, the numbers would definitely soar up.

Any users can have their filters submitted using the Lens Studio. But they should make sure that they are enrolled to the Creator Boosts program to make them eligible for being promoted to the main carousel. It’s not sure as of on what basis Snapchat will have the filters picked. We will get to know that soon, as Snapchat is set to introduce third-party filters by the last week of March.

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