Allo Web to Get Unhitched from Smartphone App Soon

March 15, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Allo was introduced as a consumer-oriented messenger app, but much of its functioning has remained on close heels with WhatsApp. Despite initially pulling off design and functionality similar to that of WhatsApp, Allo continued to follow the path by introducing a web version that was paired with the smartphone app. But at least that’s about to change, as Allo is now planning to roll out an independent web version of the messenger service.

Currently, Allo’s web messenger services are directly paired with the smartphone app. This means that users would have to keep Allo up and running in their smartphones even if to communicate using desktop. This was similar to how WhatsApp offered its web service, and users weren’t in particular fond of this service.

Google’s Justin Uberti is the one who has now revealed that they are in the middle of transforming the web version into an independent service. No longer will users have to pair their web versions with the smartphone app, which would also mean that users will be able to create or join the Allo service directly from the web version.

At the time, it’s not sure where Google will have a dedicated app rolled out for the desktop versions. But that would be the least of concern for users, as their main request have been to make the web version independent of smartphone app.

Apart from that, users have also been craving for SMS support. While the development doesn’t disclose any hint for that, it holds the possibility of forming the initial steps for Google’s integration plans of rich communication services into Allo.

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