Snapchat is Finally Adding the Ability to Mentions Users in Stories

March 14, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s now Snapchat’s turn to borrow back. Following the shameless copy of the Stories feature by Instagram and the subsequent upgrades, Snapchat has now decided to copy something from Instagram in return. The media sharing app is now said to be working on the mentions feature, which will let users tag other people in their ephemeral Stories.

Snapchat was earlier said to have been testing on the long-anticipated feature. But it’s only now that it has confirmed the presence of it. The feature isn’t yet official and Snapchat is still testing with it. But some users have already reported the beta tests of the new feature in their accounts.

Tagging is similar to how you tag people on Instagram Stories. Users will have to type the name following a @ to have other people tagged along with video or image caption in Stories. There’s a catch however. It’s that Snapchat doesn’t offer autosuggestion of names, so one will have to type in the entire username or Snapcode by himself. It’s a bit puzzling, and maybe Snapchat would have it sorted out by the time the feature gets official.

Viewers of the Stories can pull up the More option included along with the tag to have a profile check of the mentioned person. They will also be provided with other options including the option to directly add them as a friend. As for the mentioned person, a notification will appear once he or she gets tagged, though at present, you won’t be notified even if tagged, unless you are trying out the beta test of the feature yourself.

The mention feature is one of the most demanded features among Snapchat users. Instagram added the support of mentioning shortly after it introduced the Stories feature. Now that Snapchat has decided to settle the debts, we can certainly hope for some interesting authentic introductions from on either apps.

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