Twitter is Planning to Let Any User Have the Verified Badge

March 13, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Twitter is planning to re-introduce the handout of the verified blue-badges to its users. And this time, it might not just be the big profile names that would be able to bear the badge. Instead, Twitter is thinking of giving all its users an access to the verified tag, provided they don’t get involved in remarks of bias.

This was revealed by none other than Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who explained about the company’s plans about verification through a Periscope live stream.  Dorsey revealed that the intention was to open the verification process to everyone. That also indicates a change of process of verification, and according to Dorsey, this new process should be the one that would remove any potential bias on Twitter’s part.

Twitter had initially introduced the verification for identity purposes. But recently, the micro-blogging platform was pulled into controversies regarding verification, following which it discontinued offering new verified badges.

That’s not the only thing which Twitter wants to change, as they are also trying to hand out the right perception to users. Several users still are of the belief that accounts with verified badges delivers contents that are authentic. Despite Twitter having no hand in the contents posted, several users believed that Twitter was endorsing remarks of those accounts with the verified tags.

This reason has forced the company to transform the verification to a process that would let users verify the accounts themselves rather than forcing the company to be in the way. One such process would be to seek for genuine ID cards or accounts like Google or Facebook. This would also distinguish bots and trolls from genuine users, though Twitter insists that it equally values anonymous and identified accounts.

Twitter is still working on the process, and there’s no concrete word on when it would have the verification opened up for all.

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