Messenger Lite is Now the Perfect Replacement for the Original App, Thanks to the New Addition

March 13, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook initially introduced the Lite version of Messenger app as an alternative for the clumsy sibling app that proved to be a pain in the neck for the entry level smartphone users. But ever since, Facebook has constantly fed the app with new features, slowly letting it get evolved to take on the parent app.

Messenger Lite is now preferred not only by the low-end smartphone users, but also by users who prefer to have a quick access to the message section of their social networking. However, there are still a few blockades that keep some users from making the switch. Now, Facebook is clearing one of those, video calling.

Facebook has now added the option of video calling to the Messenger Lite app to make it appealing to all the segment of users. This will come in addition to the core capabilities like exchange of media, links, texts etc. Messenger is already offering support for audio calls through a post-launch update. Now that video calls are present too, users would seldom find a reason to not to make the jump.

Users can make the call inside the app by tapping the new video icon that can be found on the upper right corner of a chat window. Users can also switch from an audio call to video call by tapping the button that’s placed to the bottom right of the screen.

With the new addition, Messenger Lite now gives access to almost all what the bigger app can do, except for a few add-ons like sharing of GIFs. But given that the app packs all the remaining in under 10MB, which is less than one-fifth the size of Messenger- Facebook can clearly open up the app for more markets. An iOS version of the app won’t be a bad decision either.

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