Samsung’s New QLED TVs can Blend into the Background Wall

March 10, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung flaunted its latest offering in the TV technology sector last year with the introduction of QLED TVs. The company has now revealed its second wave of QLED TV products with minimal focus on picture quality improvement, but more on artificial intelligence. This very attention has now made them come up with a new mode of display that can make your TV stand disguised in a room.

The Ambient Mode, as the name suggests, helps the QLED TVs blend in to the ambience so as to make it appear like nothing, but a piece of glass popping up images or information. In the mode, users can make use of their smartphone to capture images of the TV and the background which will then be exchanged with the TV. The inner brain of the device will then adaptively change its display to suit the background and get disguised with it.

Samsung has demoed its working with a few backgrounds, and it looks impressive. Rather than just trying to make your TV go invisible, Samsung is introducing the mode to display additional information like calendar, images, weather, traffic and more that suits your taste. Samsung also adds shadow effects to make it exactly appear as if being displayed on a glass pane. We could be treated with more with the progress of time.

Apart from the Ambience Mode, Samsung is also set to introduce Bixby AI on its TVs this year. Samsung will have four QLED series launched this year, namely the Q6, Q7, Q8, and Q9 with sizes varying from 49-inches to 88-inches. All the series would have support for HDR10+. Pricing is yet to be revealed, but we can know about that soon, as Samsung is expected to ship the devices in a few weeks’ time.

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