Apple Might Eventually Wipe Out Notches from the iPhone in 2019

March 10, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

While the enter smartphone market is rushing to introduce notches in their devices, the ones who have ignited the trend seems to be thinking beyond it. Apple, who has embraced the bizarre notch trend with the iPhone X, is now said to be having plans for wiping out the notch from iPhone displays by 2019.

Apple has embraced the bezel-less trend in a modest pace, but it did manage to stand apart from the rest with the reduction of bezels from three sides. Yet, iPhone X lags behind in terms of screen-to-body ratio, even when compared with rip-off smartphones.

For instance, Asus Zenfone 5, which completely mimicked the iPhone X, featured a screen-to-ratio of 90%, while iPhone X had only 82% of its body covered with screen. Even Samsung’s flagship Galaxy device managed to surpass iPhone X despite featuring comparatively thicker bezels on top and bottom parts of the display.

To improve that and to omit the notches, Apple will have to jump to a technology that would allow them to accommodate the TrueDepth sensors without taking huge space. There’s still no word about how they would be tackling it down, and neither there’s a hint arising out of its supply chain report.

Coming to the iPhone of 2018, Apple will have three iPhone variants released this year as detailed by ET News amongst the rest. This will include the second generation of iPhone X device with a smaller notch, and a bigger version of it that will come branded with the Plus label. Both the devices will have OLED displays with respective screen dimensions of 5.85 inches and 6.46 inches.

Interestingly, Apple’s third iPhone this year too will have the bezels from its edges cut out according to reports. The phone will however sport an LCD display instead of the OLED panel, and will be coming with a screen size of 6.04 inches. Rumors also add that all the three iPhones will be carrying notched-display this year, but all of whose sizes will be lesser than that of in the original iPhone X.

That said, the current year will act as the transition phase, which means that Apple will have the notch size cut short in the iPhone X releasing this year. That’s according to various predictions, but all them nod to the belief that Apple will eventually end up kicking out the notch from its iPhone devices by 2019. In other words, 2019 would probably be the year in which we could see a true full view display.

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