Huawei P20 Leaks Showcases Triple-Lens Camera Powered by AI

March 9, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Huawei’s P20 smartphone is anticipated for more than just one reason. But it’s the triple-lens camera system that outcasts the rest. As heard before, Huawei will be introducing the concept of triple-lens camera system in smartphones with the Pro version of its upcoming flagship Huawei P20.

While there were many speculations regarding how the third sensor would be put to use, the recent leaks appears to shed more lights on the matter.

A set of leaked images of the Pro version of the P20 now gives us a closer look of the supposed triple-camera system. Unlike one would have thought, Huawei has placed the third camera sensor at a distance from the other two camera sensors as shown by the leaked images. This along with the caption suggests that Huawei could be aiming for something that wasn’t expected.

Instead of improving the image quality with depth or monochrome effects, it appears that Huawei’s third sensors would be largely revolving around AI. This is revealed by the caption that reads ‘See Mooore with AI’, with the three ‘o’ representing the three cameras. Incorporation of AI sounds a lusty addition to the camera depot, whether it be for beautifying the image or for AR effects. The anticipation will only be upped if the leaks are something to go by.

As per the rumors, Huawei will be unveiling the P20 flagship device along with the Pro version on March 27th. Both the versions will be featuring notch-included display, with the Pro version sporting a more bezel-less display with the omission of physical home button. The company will also have a P20 Lite edition launched alongside with scaled down specifications.

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