Google marks Major Expansion for Lens with Non-Pixel Rollout

March 8, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google had revealed its expansion plans for Lens back during MWC, during when it was made clear that Lens would be stepping out of its Pixel boundaries. The first step for the same has now been laid, with Google deciding to roll out Lens for the non-Pixel devices.

Lens was introduced as an ambitious project by Google, but the jury is still out considering its present functionality. Nevertheless, Lens does give us hope in terms of its potential, and its expansion to Android devices is a good sign that Google is heavily considering to make it more robust.

The initial phase will have Lens being rolled out to all the non-Pixel Android devices via Google Photos. The Assistant inside Google Photos in all Android devices will now be able to hover through images and pull out relevant information. This can include details from business cards, context information from real-life images and many more.

Lens continues to be available for Pixel devices inside Google Assistant. But that won’t be happening in the case of other devices as its services are limited to within Google Photos as of now. Indeed, Google is eyeing a major expansion for Lens, so there won’t be a big wait before we see it coming out of Google Photos in other devices. During MWC, Google has also said that Lens would be popping up for iOS devices. But that’s neither happening too. iOS users can expect the arrival of Lens inside Google Photos at a later point.

As for Android users, they can experience the Lens treatment right away, though you might have to wait depending on the device you are using. Make sure that you have updated the Google Photos app to the latest version through Google Play.

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