Instagram Testing New Features for Direct Messaging on iOS

March 7, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook-owned Instagram is testing new features to improve the overall interface of the app on iOS. The image and video hosting app is said to be working on introducing a slew of features including starred chats, search filters and data download.

Instagram has been long testing the starred chat feature that would let users mark Direct Message threads. It now seems that the feature is about to make its official appearance. A new button will be made available to users beside the Profile Info button that’s present on the top right of chat windows. Users can also long press messages from their inbox to mark it with a star for later reference.

Another feature spotted being tested in new chat search filters. The new feature available for Instagram DM will let users to filter searches within Inbox, Unread chats or Starred chats. The latter would also let users scroll through the entire thread apart from just the starred conversation. The feature will be incorporated in the Search Bar in Instagram Direct.

Last of the lot is the introduction of data download features that would let users download personal user data from the servers. Users will be able to download the data in the form a .zip archive, which will be directly sent to the mails of the users. The feature is also being tested on sibling platform WhatsApp, and is expected to be available by mid this year.

The features are still being tested, and might undergo heavy modifications by the time they get rolled out officially. Instagram is also reported to be working on introducing voice and video call features, though it still appears to be far off from an official debut.

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