Google Search Finds Place in iMessage and Safari, Thanks to New App Update

March 7, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has announced a set of new features to its iOS app. Aimed at improving discoverability of information and easy sharing, Google has introduced three new features to the Google app for iPhone and iPad.

The prime feature is the introduction of new extension to iMessage. The native messaging app on iOS will now support the Google extension to let users perform searches while messaging contact inside iMessage. This includes searches for GIFs, locations, videos and also other helpful conversation tools. The feature can be activated by tapping the extension from the iMessage app drawer.

In addition to iMessage, Google is also expanding its Search Google button to Safari and Chrome browsers along with the rest. Google has started expanding the reach of its search button on select browsers last year. This is now being followed with its expansion to the most compatible browsers including the native Safari browser. The new button can be found under Share option on the bottom taskbar of the browser through which users will be able to access Google Search results around related contents.

Apart from the above two expansions, Google is also adding a functional upgrade to the Google app by introducing a drag and drop facility for shifting texts, images and hyperlinks to and from the app. Users can tap on an article being read on the Google app and drag them to get them shared through other apps including iMessage. Users can also perform the drag and drop to Notes to save them for later works.

The latest update is now available in the App Store, though iMessage extension will be limited to iOS users in the US at present. More regions will soon be available to perform Google Search inside the iMessage as confirmed by Google.

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