Apple Set to Introduce a Cheaper MacBook Air Later This Year

March 5, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

MacBook Air is getting a late resurrection it seems. Reports are now suggesting that Apple would be revamping its youth-oriented laptop segment with a new design and a cheaper price tag to keep it trendy among the college going.

The report comes from KGI analyst Ming Chi Kuo, who says that Apple would be releasing the new MacBook Air close to second quarter of 2018. The release would also help Apple up the shipments of MacBook by around 15% in 2018 as predicted by Kuo.

Recent trends have left the consumers believing that Apple was close to pulling the plug off the MacBook Air device. The latest update to the Air device was given during June last year, when Apple decided to give the MacBook Air a modest spec upgrade. However, the design of MacBook Air still remains the same, and so do its processor.

The update this year is more likely to be a substantial one if going by the words of Kuo. That hints at a newer processor given the backdrop of recent vulnerabilities including Spectre and Meltdown. In addition, we could also see an upgrade to USB-C ports which have found its place in the 12-inch MacBook. While design upgrade seems inevitable, Apple would also want to consider an upgrade to the 1440×900 resolution display.

Despite these big additions, Apple would still keep the price-tag below the current range. At present, MacBook Air sells at $999, and Kuo believes that Apple would drop the price further down with the introduction of new updates. This would also be an acknowledgment to the significance of the device, despite Apple apparently trying to push the 12-inch MacBook device as its starter laptop in the recent times.

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