Smartphones Dominate Indian Lives, Reveals Study

February 27, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smart phones, over the past few years, have evolved from just electronic devices to things inevitable. The gadget has conquered a large amount of space in our lives. Some of us depend on our smart phones for every other thing. There were earlier studies on how smart phones make people antisocial. Here’s a new study that would make you think.

The study conducted by Motorola and Nancy Etcoff, an expert in Mind-Brain Behavior and the Science of Happiness, Harvard University revealed that 65 percent of Indians care more about smart phones than the people in their life.

Around 4418 people, in the age group 16- 65, from countries including United States, Brazil, France and India, participated in the survey. Out of this, 50 percent of the people agreed to have checked their phone more often than they would like, while 44 percent felt that they were compelled to do so. According to the survey, India tops the list with 65 percent and 57 percent respectively.

Motorola defined the 64% of Indians who said that they need help with phone life as the ones who desire to have technology to support life without becoming the center of it. When 77 percent of the Indians who were part of the study admitted that they panic when they lose their phone, 53 percent, on the contrary, said that they spent less time on smart phones.  The study also revealed that 47 percent of the Indian youth, instead of engaging with their loved ones, spent more time on their smart phone.

Smart phones are considered the best friend by 53 percent of the participants who are from Generation Z, born not earlier than 1996. India also topped the list for the emotional dependence on their smart phones.

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