Vision Research Phantom v2640 Snaps Slow Motion in a Charming Fashion

February 8, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We often come across slow motion videos of exploding balloons, smashing magnets and the like on social media platforms. But capturing such videos with mobile cameras is not quite easy. With the advent of high-speed-camera manufacturer Vision Research’s Phantom v2640, it will not be difficult to create such videos anymore.

Vision Research launched the world’s fastest 4-megapixel camera this week. Researchers, scientists, and engineers who are keen on capturing high-resolution images at ultra-high speeds form the target audience of the company.  The camera makes it easier to capture fast moving objects which include speeding bullets, exploding balloons, smashing magnets, fast moving vehicles and the like.

In addition to focusing on the speed and sensitivity requirements of the market, the company has also made sure that the product also focuses on maintaining the image quality with the new cutting- edge sensor. The 4 MP camera helps researchers understand and qualify the phenomenon they are observing as the design increases the information contained in an image.  Users will be able to cover various application through the operating modes on the camera.

The new high speed camera can return up to 6,600fps speed at full resolution. If the pixel count is reduced this can rise even higher. The camera comes with the lowest noise floor of any Phantom camera, and the highest dynamic range of any Phantom Global shutter camera, with a dynamic range of 64 dB and noise level of 7.2 e-.

The camera boasts internal memory storage of about 288GB. A short shutter speed of 142 nanoseconds makes the camera perfect for capturing fast moving object including the flutter of a hummingbird’s wings.  The price is still under wraps.

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