Mustard Seeds Power World’s First Bio-fuel Flight

February 7, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Air pollution, is now one of the most discusses topics around the country as the public is getting affected by the polluted air. But the steps we take to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, which cause air pollution, is rare. Qantas’ new flight will go green reducing the carbon and will be world’s first bio-fuel flight.

After a 15 hours trip, the flight which took off from United States landed in Melbourne city, Australia. The 10 per cent of the blended fuel is derived from a non food, industrial type of mustard seed Brassica carinat, according to Qantas. The use of blended bio-fuel in the flight would save about 18,000 kilograms, or around 39,683 pounds, of carbon emissions.

Analyzing the trip of Boeing Dreamliner 787-9, it was found that carbon emissions were reduced by 7 per cent when compared to Qantas’ usual flight in the same route. Thus it is clear that the bio-fuel made of carinata can reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent when compared to traditional jet fuel.

As per the reports, Brassica carinata can be cultivated between regular crop cycles, as the family works as a fallow crop. Qantas says that the crop is water efficient and can be sown in fallow areas. Qantas also said that the seeds when crushed can produce a high-protein meal for livestock, poultry, and dairy markets.

Apart from augmenting the soil it’s grown in, the Biojet fuel made from carinata delivers oil for bio-fuel and protein for animal nutrition, according to reports quoting Steve Fabijanski, CEO of Agrisoma, the agricultural-technology Company behind the crop.

Qantas states that one hectare of the seed can yield up to 2,000 liters, around 528 gallons, of oil which can produce 400 liters, or around 106 gallons, of bio-fuel.

Pointing out that the mustard seeds can be used as a source of sustainable fuel by farmers, Daniel Tan, agriculture expert at University of Sydney said that one can press the oil out in their own shed, within a day after harvesting. And the same can be used to power the tractors.

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