Here’s a Jacket Much More than Just a Jacket

February 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

While going on trips, we tend to carry as less as possible. Some of us carry a backpack just to accommodate essentials such as iPad, smartphone, headphones, charger and scarf. What if all these essentials can be accommodated in one single jacket?

Currently on Kickstarter, GIGA is a jacket in which you can carry all the essentials for a travel. The jacket, which is capable of carrying devices like iPads, smartphones, headphones and passport, also comes with a concealed scarf, detachable eye mask, detachable hood and detachable winter mask. The huge range of pockets found in the jacket allows you to carry all your gadgets with ease.

The GIGA jacket has internal pockets that can be easily accessed through the two way water resistant zipper. If required, the jacket can easily be converted into a bag as well as a travel pillow too.

The jacket has been priced about $109 and is expected to start shipping around September this year.

GIGA comes with 16 amazing features which include detachable eye mask, concealed scarf, multi- function pocket, boarding pass pocket, passport pocket, pocket for pin, detachable hood, detachable winter mask, eyewear loop, headphone cable loop, mobile phone pocket and  iPad holder.

Head for Kickstarter now if you would like to own one!

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