Vivo X Play 7 to be First Ever Phone with 10 GB RAM

February 1, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you would remember, Vivo had left the smartphone users stunned with the launch of its X20 Plus on January 25 in China. Now the company is all set to take the market by a storm with its upcoming device, Vivo X play 7. Though the company is not in the front row in the market race, it might soon show off its character of ambition and audacity through its new device.

The device is expected to come with a nearly bezel-less 18:9 screen, and it will also sport 10 GB of RAM. This will be the first time when a smart phone will be equipped with 10 GB RAM.

Even though there is a saying ‘the more, the merrier’, sometimes it can end up just the opposite. Almost all the currently used smartphones are equipped with 8 GB RAM and there are many who find it too much for their regular use. But this does not stop companies from upgrading their devices.

At this instant, the feature will be proof of concept than a practical feature. Through the latest device, the company will prove that a thin smart phone can be packed with 10 GB of RAM inside it. With regular usage it might be very difficult to hit the limit of 10 GB. Even if you do hit this limit, anyone would first say that there is something wrong with the application you are using or with the Android OS. Whether you will be able to utilize these much of space still remains a question.

The 10 GB RAM will not be the only highlight of the smart phone, X play 7. The phone will sport a 4k resolution apart from the amazing screen design. The device which will come with dual camera sensors from Sony will run on the latest processor Snapdragon 845.And not to forget the in display fingerprint scanner by Synaptics. There are also rumors that the device will also feature a Face ID 2.0, but the details regarding the feature are not yet out.

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