Google Clips is Out; Camera Deploys AI Capabilities to Go Clicking

January 30, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Capturing your perfect moments means a lot. But often we end up not getting enough of those moments on camera due to our complete involvement in the event. Setting the timer, or asking someone to click your pictures can help overcome this hassle.

What if a camera captures all the interesting things in your life? And that too when you need not double check on the timer or stay with your finger on the snapper. Wouldn’t you want one such camera for yourself? Anyone who loves to keep their precious memories would want such a camera, of course.

Here we are talking about Google’s latest camera called Clips. The camera makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to click pictures. The specialty of the device is that it captures those images it finds interesting.

The announcement regarding the camera was made last October, but not many details were given out by Google. The camera is now out on sale, and Google’s target audience for this camera are parents who would love to click pictures of their kids.

Clips comes with free shipping and costs $249. Currently Google is seen directing its potential customers to a wait list and will inform them the availability of the product via email. According to reports, Google has stopped taking orders for the time being and delivery dates for those who were able to place orders range between February 27 and March 5. When will Google start taking orders again, remains a question unanswered.

If you thought Google’s Clips is akin to those DSLRs out there, you are mistaken. What it looks like is like a logo of Instgram resting in your palm. Yes that’s what Google Clips looks like! It does not have a display screen, and can be clipped on to your dress. The camera can recognize people and pets, and has the ability to captures events it finds interesting. You just have to twist the lens to turn it on and forget about it.

An application on your phone would help you view all the images and videos captured by Clips. The device lacks a microphone. Using the app, you can trim the videos and save them as motion photos, GIFs and movie files. You can also make use of the shutter button on the device to click pictures and videos.

The company has stated assured that the camera is not connected to any external servers and works on its own hardware. It is not even synced with Google cloud unless you save the captured images to Google Photos. That also means you needn’t have to worry about privacy concerns too.

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