Apple HomePod is a Giant Leap on the Wireless Audio Arena

January 25, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple could be set to make a historical leap in the wireless audio facility terrain. HomePod, an innovative wireless speaker from the company’s stables, is likely to reach stores on the 9th of February.

Siri, an intimate part of Apple, which is widely used across the globe, has been developed and evolved to suit the far fetching demands of the latest innovation. Siri has developed deep knowledge of music and talent to understand the taste and preference of the listener. Stunning audio quality and access to the world’s largest cloud music libraries by voice commands, are what the HomePod offers.

HomePod is enabled to accompany you by helping in sending messages, setting time and reminders, checking the weather and keeping you updated on news and sports too. With support for Homekit, HomePod can turn on lights, raise shades, set desired temperature or anything that can perfect your home, enabling remote access and automations.

Crafted with Apple-engineered audio technology, HomePod  uses advanced software  for real time acoustic modeling, audio beam forming, echo cancellation  and a lot more supported by Apple’s A8 chip to deliver  premium audio quality. It automatically adjusts itself to sound in tune to its surroundings. It comes with an Apple designed woofer for clear bass, and a custom array of seven beam-forming tweeters that give clean high frequency acoustics with directional control. All its six microphones are at the disposal to take the “Hey, Siri”  commands.

HomePod is designed to work in rhythm  to Apple accessories. It demands an Apple music Subscription for access to the wide music catalogue that befits one’s taste and mood.  By the free software update, users will be able to play music throughout the house with multi-room audio. By just asking Siri, one can play music in all rooms.

HomePod is available to order online, starting this Friday in the the US, the UK and Australia. The device will touch France and Germany this Spring.

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