Drone Makes Tech History by Saving Teens from Drowning

January 19, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Technology is getting advanced day by day. There have taken place many events that had good and bad impacts due to growth in technology. The question on whether technology is a boon or a bane for humankind still remains a topic of debate.

A recent event, where two teen boys were saved from drowning, by a drone fitted with an inflatable device is doing the rounds on headline space. The drone, named Little Ripper UAV, has got its name etched in tech history and has made the technological world proud.

A training session involving the drone led to the rescue. The event took place in New South Wales, off the Lennox Head coast when visitors spotted two boys struggling to swim in the water about 2300 ft from the shore.

The idea of a lifeguard swimming 2300ft to the boys or sending a powered water vehicle to save the drowning boys looked difficult and time consuming. The advantage with using a drone was that instead of travelling through the unsteady water, it can fly to the swimmers.

The inflatable device fitted to Little Ripper UAV was dropped near the struggling boys, and they were taken ashore. The drone took only 2 minutes to reach the boys and launch itself into rescue mode. Great job, Little Ripper UAV!

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