Coming Soon: Mitsubishi Vehicle with No Mirrors

January 19, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever imagined how it would be like to drive a car without mirrors? The query will soon be answered by Mitsubishi when it shows off its latest prototype. You will not find the side view mirror. And do not be surprised when you see that there are no mirrors at all.

Mitsubishi has decided to replace all the mirrors of its new prototype with cameras. You will have three cameras in the new Mitsubishi prototype: one each on the driver’s and passenger’s side and one to handle rear-view duties. Do not get carried away by just the cameras because there is lot more than just the camera.

To keep the drivers safe, Mitsubishi’s mirror less prototype will utilize advanced AI system. The car is equipped with camera which can detect object as far as 100 meters. The AI system which can distinguish between pedestrians and vehicles can also recognize what type of vehicle is coming towards it.

Mitsubishi’s new prototype Maisart’s competitive advantage is that when compared to its competitors it is better at identifying objects by 70%. It will be able to detect objects far enough when the similar Camera Monitoring System start detecting objects only when it reaches 30 meters away from the object.

Since 2010, the automobile industry has been working on replacing mirrors with camera monitoring system. Finally, in 2016 European and Japanese regulators gave the automobile industries a green signal for mirror less cars.

Now the question is how soon you will be able to see this car. The Japanese might get to see it first, we guess.


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