LG to Showcase 65-inch 4K TV that Can be Rolled like a Paper

January 8, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LG is making it big this year at CES. After having unveiled its ThinQ smart speaker along with its new range of speakers, the company is now all set to unveil its mammoth display that can be rolled.

A few promo images of the giant display has now been revealed, showing how the TV rolls in to a box that’s roughly the size of a sound bar. LG is just showing us one way of how its rollable TV could be put to use, which in this case is by hiding the display when not in use.

The concept is the same as that revealed by LG a few years back, except for that back then, the rollable feature was demoed on an 18-inch OLED screen. But things are more real this time with LG showcasing a massive 65-inch rollable OLED TV, and that too, with a 4K resolution.

It was only a few years ago that LG Display wowed us with an 18-inch OLED screen that could bend and be rolled up like paper. Now the company is back at CES 2018 this year with an even more impressive version: a 65-inch OLED TV with the same rollable function and a 4K resolution. The technology could also be put to use to roll the TV inside cabinets or even into walls.

Despite being showcased as a near consumer-ready product, LG says that the display is still a prototype. Additional information were not shared by LG including estimate on pricing when it would be up for sale.

But we would know more in the coming days with the prototype all set to be appearing at the show floor in CES. In addition to the rollable technology, LG will also be sharing more information about its OLED technologies with a 55-inch transparent display and a 77-inch wallpaper concept TV.

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