You Might Soon be Able to Post Instagram Stories as Your WhatsApp Status

January 6, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Despite Instagram and WhatsApp originating from the same roots, Facebook has so far managed to refrain the two platforms from sharing any feature. But that could be about to change, as WhatsApp might soon be borrowing Instagram stories in-order to expand its Status segment.

At present, Facebook is pilot testing the feature by letting closed group of users post their Instagram Stories directly to WhatsApp as Status. This include support for photos, videos, and GIF images from Stories posted on Instagram. Both the Status and Stories are kept ephemeral, so it makes sense to let users pair both.

Users can opt to share their Stories to WhatsApp by simply tapping the share button from the sharing screen in Instagram. Facebook has confirmed the testing of the feature, adding that the feature will help people better share their moments with the people who matters to them.

As per official claims, both WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories have got around 300 million daily active users. Interestingly, that’s close to double the count of active users in Snapchat, which has been the sole inspiration for both Status and Stories on the Facebook-owned platforms.

This is not the first time that Facebook is bridging their platforms. Previously, they have tested pairing Instagram Stories with Facebook Stories, following which it was introduced for users in US. The feature will be rolled out to remaining nations in the coming months, following which we can expect the pairing to get completed with the official coupling of Instagram Stories with WhatsApp Status.

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