LG to Rebrand Its Flagship Smartphone Lineup Yet Again

January 4, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

LG’s tryst with its smartphone branding is one curious case. The South Korean manufacturers have followed the habit of occasionally rebranding its smartphone lineup regardless of its acceptance among the consumers. The company now appears to not even spare its flagship series from that.

LG’s G-series, the current flagship lineup from the vendors, is all about to undergo a rebranding if reports are to be believed. As claimed by an anonymous official, the G series will no longer be existent heading to the MWC, where LG’s next entry in the series is all set to be unveiled.

This is not the first time that the G series is undergoing a rebranding. To recall, LG’s G series was formerly branded under its Optimus range of device, the very branding which run parallel to Samsung’s Galaxy lineup bracketing all its smartphone devices. Optimus have become a thing of the past, and so might be the G-series.

There is no official word regarding the rebranding, and neither is there a formidable reason for the name change. LG’s G series are viewed as the top-notch rival to Galaxy S series and iPhones. The G6, which was the last from LG in the G series, has also managed to raise to the expectations. Apparently, it’s not that LG is doing a rebranding for its loss in market space like it was the case with HTC’s U series rebranding.

Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see the new branding that will be embraced by LG for its flagship lineup.  It also needs to be seen whether it would be a mere jump in the numbers as did by Samsung and iPhone with its Note 7 and iPhone X devices. The latter had their own reasons to make that jump although, while LG appears to be just following its usual baffling rebranding pattern.

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