Samsung to Showcase Three Devices from C-Lab at CES This Year

January 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung will follow its routine habit of showcasing products from its C-Lab wing at CES this year. The company has revealed that it will put up for display three products from C-Lab, each with its own medical focus.

The first of the lot is a directional speaker called S-Ray. The audio speakers are intended to deliver sound to the ears without making any physical contact like headphones. Audio will instead be projected to the ears as the speakers will sit around comfortably as a neckband that can be clipped to clothing.

By embracing a projective audio, the S-Ray will help reduce ear strain to the user as claimed by Samsung. In addition to that, S-Ray will also let sounds from the surroundings to blend in, thereby playing a vital role in the overall safety when wearing it outside.

The next device, called Relúmĭno, is focused on visually impaired persons. Samsung is combining the powers of smartphone processor along with VR hardware to deliver a Google Glass-alike device that will help people better catch the visuals around them. The camera sitting atop the the wearable glass will capture the surrounding environment, and this will be processed and projected onto the glass to help the wearer grab a clearer picture as required.

The technology will help various modes of visual impairment by fitting as required, like delivering images with better distinguished outlines, blind spots removed, glare reduced etc. Argument still prevails on whether the device would be able to capture the entire surrounding. Those would hopefully be cleared when Samsung showcases it at CES.

The last device is for people with respiratory problems, particularly for those who have undergone surgery. Called GoBreath, this wearable device comes with an app to help people better track their post-surgery recovery. The app will also offer exercise guidelines to aid the recovery of lungs. In addition, GoBreath will also pack a web and cloud service to help doctors better monitor the patients.

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