Samsung to Rope-in Top-Notch Camera for its Detachable Chromebook

January 2, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Chromebooks are expected to fill in the void created by the absence of tablet inflows. But that presents a tough task for the manufacturers, given the current state of Chromebooks. That’s why Samsung decided to step forward and give a big boost to Chromebooks with a detachable Chromebook.

Reports earlier have hinted about a detachable Chromebook from Samsung that will be making its entry by 2018. Now, it appears that Samsung is bringing in the device with all big amenities. The latest rumor now suggest that Samsung’s detachable Chromebook, codenamed Nautlius, will shed the usual cameras seen in Chromebook for a better one.

It’s now reported that Nautlius will be packing a Sony IMX258 sensor for its camera depot. To recall, this was the same sensor that was used in LG’s flagship G6 smartphone. That’s a big jump for a Chromebook, which would have otherwise been confined to a mere 720p camera.

The inclusion of a high-end camera would help the device capture and deliver more as a web-cam. But besides, Samsung is presenting a detachable Chromebook. So it makes sense to up the camera so as to let it capture like a tablet.

As for other details, Nautlius will be featuring Intel’s seventh-gen processor along with a compact display size of around 12-inch. There is no details available about when it would get released. But we won’t be surprised if Samsung pulls it out at CES this year. Pricing is also something to be eagerly checked, as there is no word yet on whether Samsung would label its new device under a premium branding.

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