Google is Making it More Convenient for You to Watch Videos in Chrome

December 29, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of tend to prefer native video playing apps for streaming videos when browsing through Chrome. The reason is that despite Chrome being one of the favorite browsers, it still haven’t offered us much convenience when it comes to video playing. But that’s about to change.

The latest Dev and Canary channels of Chrome is now packed with an improved video player that comes with pleasing aesthetics and improved features to woo the users. The video player within Chrome in the respective versions now features a complete brand new look alongside adding quick features for video playback controls.

As with the design, the video player embraces a new white gradient that totally deviates from the desktop design. Controls now get popped up over video instead of lining up in the bottom bar. Those include playback controls for playing/pausing the video, mute video option, and full-screen option along with the scrubbing control.

These are not the only changes Chrome has brought in, as the browser’s video player also upgrades in terms of shortcuts. The latest version will now support double tap to seek feature that was earlier introduced by Google in YouTube a few months back. Double tapping on either side of the screen will respectively seek your videos a few seconds backwards or forwards depending on where you have double-tapped.

The feature is not turned on by default though, as users will have to enable it along with the new video player under Chrome’s flags. You can do that also by typing in the following in the respective versions. Features will be available once you restart the browser. We can expect the new video player to hit the stable version soon.

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