Say No to Cryptocurrency Mining with the Latest Version of Opera 50

December 28, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Opera’s latest edition of its browser for personal computers have now hit the app stores. V50 of Opera is being rolled out in beta form for Windows, macOS and Linux devices. However, it comes with Release Candidate label which makes it more of an advanced beta. The version will automatically be upgraded to stable version if no additional bugs arise in the testing phase.

The highlights of the new update are protection against cryptocurrency mining and support for VR360. The former of those, known as NoCoin in Opera, will block pages embedded with mining scripts affiliated with cryptocurrencies. The system will run parallel to the already available ad-blocker software in Opera, with both its mechanism coupled to same roots.

The feature can be found under the Basic option in Settings on Windows and Linux versions, whereas macOS users can locate it under Preferences. The NoCoin feature is placed right below the Block Ads section under the Basic settings option.

The feature comes of relevance in the present scenario, especially with the backdrop of malware spread-out in Facebook’s Messenger app by hackers for cryptocurrency mining. As per the official description by Opera, NoCoin will help eliminate all the cryptocurrency mining scripts that overuse the computing ability of the device.

As said above, v50 also features VR360 support for Oculus and Chromecast devices. Opera already had VR360 enabled for a handful of devices, but the extension to Oculus and Chromecast would make the service more fruitful.

You can download the latest Opera v50 RC from the official page.

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