Amazon Might Square Up Against Google by Launching a YouTube-Rival Service

December 22, 2017, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

YouTube has got a supremacy when it comes to video library. But this very dominance had created problems to developers over the past, and it came under limelight when Amazon and Google squared up against each other.

Back when Amazon introduced its Echo Show device, it showcased various capabilities of the device including streaming of YouTube videos. However, Google later decided to pull down this support. Not just that, it’s now going on to extend that ban to Fire TV, signaling that the previous pull-out was only the beginning.

It seems like Amazon have been triggered by this very act, as the company is now said to be working on a rival app to YouTube. Two new trademark requests were filed already by Amazon with names Amazontube and Opentube. Those names indeed gives where Amazon is heading to, but to further bolster it, we have been given the official description as well.

According to Amazon, the Amazontube or Opentube will act as providers of non-downloadable pre-recorded media including audio and visual, enabling users to share media along with texts, data and other electronic works. It clearly indicates that Amazontube will be a user-centric app for hosting media files, very similar to how YouTube works.

Indeed, Amazon wouldn’t be pushing for the same name once it hits out, as this could only put the in legal trouble with Google. But it could certainly use them to give out the message, the message that it’s about to take on the dominancy of Google in a key area.

We still aren’t sure if the app would eventually come out as Amazon is still trying to ease the situation with Google. Maybe they are just backing up with a plan-B.

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